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Encaustic Tiles – Installation, Care and Maintenance


The top layer of our encaustic tiles is of a very delicate nature and each tile should be handled with care. Please bear in mind that the tiles are very porous and must be kept meticulously clean throughout the whole process. Any staining to the surface of the tile before sealing will be difficult to remove. Please take tiles from each box and mix to ensure colour blending of tiles as slight variations in colour can occur, this will give a uniform finish. Please discard any overly chipped tiles, (these can be used for cut edges if possible) the 10% overage covers this.

Fila products

Fila surface care products

Fila offers a wide range of surface care products designed to provide high performance, whilst protecting natural characteristics.

Products span from pre-grouting protectors, detergents and sealants, to after-care maintenance and stain removal solutions.


Bulletproof stone sealer

Oil, Wine Viniger etc... will all mark and damage your stone creating an acid etching mark. As well as our bullet proof formula offering the ultimate protection against liquid spills, you can simply wipe away spillage marks even if they are left to dwell for long periods.

This maximum protection formula suspends liquid stains, not allowing stains to lock inside the stone, oil and other liquid spills are easily removed, wiped away and cleaned up using a pH neutral cleaner without leaving any visible staining behind.